Piano Lessons

Are your fingers itching to play a tune? Michael will see to that for you. His teaching reputation extends far and wide, as it’s hard not to catch his love of music.


Michael’s teaching philosophy is most importantly to create a fun and enjoyable experience during your time spent at the piano or keyboard. Achieving quick results is the most gratifying way to build your level of musical skill.


You will leave one of Michael’s lessons with a sense of accomplishment, along with a pocketful of new skills.


To ensure that all the students enjoy the benefits of public performance, Michael hosts an annual piano recital every December. All of his students are welcomed and encouraged to play, and there are awards and trophies up for grabs. It is always a special and fun event, with many inspirational performances!

Additional Musical Studies

Learn more about the theory of music in a one-on-one online situation, or in person in a classroom setting.
Acquire new and useful tools in music theory that will expand your repertoire exponentially. Learn about pitch, scales, modes, rhythm, melody, chords, harmony, timbre and texture, and a whole lot more.
Learn to create and compose like a true professional. Explore the elements of music theory and how they fit together, as well as how to express your musical ideas.
Learn the fine art of combining and mixing instruments, through the work of other composers, or by developing your own musical ideas.
Learn to produce quality MIDI sequences. Explore the subtleties and unique challenges of electronic arranging and composition.