Writing & Arranging Services

With over 20 years of experience in commercial music production for television and radio, Michael is the man for the job when you are in need of a professional soundtrack for your production.

Commercials & Films

Whether you want exciting and upbeat music for your commercial, or something soft and mellow to set the mood for your film, Michael’s versatility and expertise will provide exactly what you need.

  1. Arlington RV Michael Tarro 0:30
  2. Doritos Michael Tarro 0:27
  3. Johnson & Whales University Michael Tarro 0:36
  4. Rizzo Ford Michael Tarro 0:39

Pitch Perfect

Collaborate with Michael now and create the perfect soundtrack for all your projects.

  1. Fish on a Line (Before) Anthony Amalfitano 0:53
  2. Fish on a Line (After) Anthony Amalfitano 0:53
  3. The Day (Before) Anthony Amalfitano 1:08
  4. The Day (After) Anthony Amalfitano 1:08
  5. Second Hand Heart Dave Nedwidek 1:11
  6. Follow You're Heart Joy Ventre 1:14
  7. I Am The Light Joy Ventre 1:32
  8. You're Not Gonna Get the Best of Me Marilyn Wade 1:06
  9. Gonna Stick To You Like Glue May Palmer 0:50
  10. Route 66 May Palmer 1:26
  11. Since I Fell For You May Palmer 1:29


Whether you need a few folk tunes arranged, or an entire symphonic work, Michael’s expertise is available for your collaboration. With over 25 years of experience writing, arranging, and producing dozens of album projects, composing soundtracks for films, to creating commercials for radio and television, Michael can offer you the help that you need to successfully produce a great sounding recording!

Create A Masterpiece

Got a melody, but it’s still missing that special something? Spruce up your tune with some zazz and jazz. Consult with Michael today!


Michael can produce music for any project you have in mind. Listen to examples of his original compositions.
  1. Passage of Time Michael Tarro 5:40
  2. Antarctica Michael Tarro 4:00
  3. LA Groove Michael Tarro 2:33
  4. Funk X Michael Tarro 1:42
  5. Schizophrenia Is Better Than Living Alone Michael Tarro 3:15
  6. Coventry Suite Michael Tarro 3:16
  7. Thoughts of You Michael Tarro 3:58
  8. Twelve Days of Christmas Michael Tarro 2:25
  9. Sorrow Michael Tarro 3:14

Books, Scores & Sheet Music

Add to your repertoire with a wide variety of original books, scores, and sheet music written and arranged by Michael Tarro.