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Michael Tarro is a professional music composer, arranger, and author. After years of experience he has decided to offer his customized arrangements, and musical services online. His services range from music licensing, composing and arranging, to live orchestral performances with selected vocalists.

From this website, you will find a variety of original recordings for music licensing, as well as custom arrangements for piano, string quartet, big band, and complete orchestral scores. Also available are his internationally released publications “Creative Jazz Piano Arranging”, “Teach Yourself to Play Blues & Boogie Piano”, and “Over the Rainbow”.

All Orchestral, brass, and string arrangements are recorded with live instruments!

  1. Mysterious Journey (Orchestral) 5:20
  2. The Battlefield (Orchestral) 2:46
  3. Cruisin' (Big Band) 2:46
  4. Picky Perky Polka (Ensemble) 2:52
  5. Perpetual Motion (Piano) 0:52
  6. Passage of Time (Orchestral) 5:40
  7. Funk "X" (Big Band) 1:42
  8. Sharp Nine Blues (Piano) 1:51
  9. Coventry Suite (Orchestral) 3:16
  10. Thoughts of You (Jazz Instrumental) 3:58
  11. The Lonesome Cowboy (Piano) 1:26
  12. Cool Blues (Piano) 1:26
  13. Antarctica (Orchestral) 5:56
  14. Lazy Blues (Piano) 1:08
  15. Traveling Theme (Big Band) 4:04
  16. Sorrow (Orchestral) 3:14
  17. LA Groove (Big Band) 2:33
  18. It's a Cowboy World (Piano) 1:54
  19. Schizophrenia (Big Band) 3:15
  20. Schizophrenia (Instrumental) (Big Band) 3:15
  21. Blues Chord Bliss (Piano) 1:00
  22. Bottom Line Boogie 1:21
  23. Chapter Two: Etude 1:16
  24. Waltz for Linda 3:36
  25. Saturday Night Fugue (1st Movement) (String Quartet) 1:15
  26. Saturday Night Fugue (2nd Movement) (String Quartet) 2:12
  27. Epic Fanfare (Funk) 0:40
  28. Fanfare of the Toy Soldiers 1:28
  29. Scarborough at Sunset 3:01
  30. Since You've Been Gone 3:36
  31. The Dreams I Have of You 3:59

Arrangements & Scores

– Published 2017 –
Hal Leonard Publications
– Published 2014 –
Santorella Publications
– Published 2010 –
Santorella Publications





An air of mystery is apparent from the beginning, as this haunting melody develops. The continuous rhythmical effect of the classical guitar, which is doubled by marimba, provides the motion that supports the melody. Section two features cello, oboe, and harp in a lighter contrasting style. The main theme, along with additional harmonic variations, returns once again, as the dramatic ending unfolds.





A jaunty Scottish tune.


Michael’s teaching philosophy is to create a fun and enjoyable experience during your time spent at the piano or keyboard. Achieving quick results is the most gratifying way to build your level of musical skill.


Michael is available for solo piano performances at cocktail hours, weddings and parties. He also performs in a duo with violin, or upright bass, and as a trio with bass and drums.


With over 20 years of experience in commercial music production for television and radio, Michael is the man for the job when you are in need of a professional soundtrack for your production. Whether you want exciting and upbeat music for your commercial, or something soft and mellow to set the mood for your film, Michael’s versatility and expertise will provide exactly what you need.

A wide variety of


Whether you are playing, learning, reading, or writing music, Tarro Music Productions, with more than 25 years experience is here to help!